Pretty Fly For A White Guy

by hommegrown | 03.06.14

Shirt and pants by Common Raven

Shavuot is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the harvest, and as in crops, also fashion regenerates itself in measured cycles. In this editorial we chose to focus and different designers that have one thing in common Рregeneration. Tres, the novice in this ensemble, is a fresh new brand currently showing its first exciting collection. Maayan Paz and Northern Star are two young brands who proclaim new attitudes in the local design scene, each focusing on specific techniques and material combinations unique to them. CommonRaven, another somewhat young brand, has recently reapropriated its focal point into a more coherent and accessible statement. Along side the newcomers we chose to show some veterans as well. Roni Bar who keeps representing Telavivian street wear at its finest, Yosef whose approach to evening wear stretches the local boundaries to new extremes, and Sketch, a prominent modern mid-range, quality-focused menswear brand.

Shirt by Yosef / Skirt by Roni Bar

Shirt by Roni Bar

Dress by Yosef

Shirt by Roni Bar / T-shirt by Maayan Paz / Pants by Sketch

Top by Yosef / Dress by Tres

Dress by Tres

Shirt by Roni Bar / Top by Maayan Paz / Shorts by Northern Star

Shirt by Sketch / Shorts by Common Raven / Tied shirt by Roni Bar


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Pretty Fly For A White Guy

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