High As a Kite

by hommegrown | 17.12.13

When scouting for boys in Tel Aviv, you often ask yourself if it would have been easier to be in some grey european city full-of-sculptures, where the grass is green and the boys are pretty. But then you come across a boy like Alex, and you immediately kiss this dirty holy ground you stand upon, and bless it for the impossible mixture of subcultures that it nurtures, and the fruits this turmoil bears.

Charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, said a prime entertainer once, are the qualities one should possess in order to become a star, and they all seem to be growing strong and wild in the magnificent sons of this ragged land.

Hommegrown: Alex \\ High As a Kite from Telavivian on Vimeo.

Clothes by Roni Bar


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  1. 01 Maayan

    He’s a miracle but this ‘holy ground’ isn’t responsible and sure doesn’t nurture


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