Roni Bar / The Dust and The Screaming

by hommegrown | 02.12.13

A few weeks ago Belgian designer Ann Demeulemeester announced she is leaving her eponymous fashion house, leaving her creative team in charge. Although this announcement came as a surprise to the fashion world, it did not immediately create a flock of rumors, but generated a rather unified emotional respond which was a bitter-sweet mixture of sadness, devotion and appreciation. This very unclear notion that many fashion lovers felt was caused by Demeulemeester’s ability to create a fashion cult that manages to live outside the narrow boundaries of the fashion industry. Unlike brands like Rick Owens, Kenzo, recent new star Hood By Air or even Givenchy, Demeulemeester created a cult without needing to manufacture any hype or buzz around her, but by a very organic way.

A similar approach could be found in Israeli designer Roni Bar, who after many years in the business is still somewhat an outsider. Bar’s brand represents urban cleanliness, in a very casual and wearable way, and stays true to its own DNA regardless to trends. The idea of cult is evident not only in Bar’s collection but also in her customers, which theoretically are women but actually includes many men.

In an attempt to combine Demeulemeester’s forest tribe with Bar’s urban cult, we chose to create a middle ground for these two armies to collide – the small and narrow strips of greenery creeping around and between the city’s buildings and parking lots – the most uncharted territory of  Tel Aviv.

Roni Bar is an Israeli fashion designer, a graduate of the Ascola school of design, how is currently celebrating a decade of work in Tel Aviv. Bar’s store in Bialik street is located off the popular shopping areas, and as such it is dependent mostly on returning loyal customers, though it always welcome new followers.

Make up: Ayelet Meshulam


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