Dorin Frankfurt / Making Love Out Of Nothing At All

by hommegrown | 19.11.13

There’s no better way to start talking about current Israeli fashion than to talk about Dorin Frankfurt.

Recent recipient of the Israeli Fashion Lifetime Achievement Award, Frankfurt is still as daring and as forward thinking as she was 30 years ago.

You can sense the idea of duality in about almost everything Frankfurt does, and the boldest example is the clash between her rock-n-roll-ice-queen persona and her warm, gentle and motherly character. This contrast is an important part of what makes Frankfurt and her brand so unique  in the local scene, and what we chose to explore in this editorial.

Dorin Frankfurt is an established Israeli designer, who deeply supports and promotes local production. In her studio/factory in the south of Tel Aviv she design and manufacture uniqe garments, which are sold throughout 17 brand stores spread all over Israel.

All clothes by Dorin Frankfurt.
Hair and make up by Dana Kfir.


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